JIBC - COVID-19 and Returning to Face-to-Face Delivery at the Maple Ridge Campus

JIBC is now ready to resume providing limited face-to-face training opportunities for first responder and social justice professionals where learning outcomes cannot be achieved remotely. Whenever possible however, programs and instruction will be provided in online formats. Our first priority is always the continued health and safety of JIBC students, staff and faculty, and our broader community.

JIBC has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 safety plan following the principles and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training, the Provincial Health Officer, and WorkSafeBC.

What is clear about COVID-19 is this virus is transmitted most easily when people are indoors together for an extended period of time, especially when physically active and speaking. This describes many of our activities at JIBC. Knowing this, the plan sets out protocols for staff, faculty and students addressing: daily personal health screening; occupancy limits; distancing; hygiene; risk assessments, class agreements, shared-risk pods, and masks.

We are pleased to be able to provide limited, small-enrolment programming with protocols developed to reduce the likelihood of infection transmission. However, it is important forn everyone to understand that choosing to participate in any face-to-face activity (at school, work, or socially) requires you to consider the risk to your own social circle and to also accept a responsibility to others on our campuses. As such, if you choose to participate in any face-toface activity, you will be required to complete a form in which you will acknowledge that: (i) you will review certain health and safety training materials; (ii) you have certain responsibilities to ensure a safe working environment for all participants; and (iii) there are certain risks associated with choosing to participate in any face-to-face activity, and that you are prepared to accept those risks.