WorkSafeBC - Ventilation Systems and Dust Collectors

WorkSafeBC has released two bulletins related to ventilation systems and dust collectors.


Dust collection systems in manufacturing facilities

One of the best ways to prevent the accumulation of hazardous dust in the workplace is to install an effective dust collection system. An improperly designed, installed, and/or maintained dust collection system can introduce other fire and explosion risks. This WorkSafe Bulletin provides a overview of dust collection systems and how they work, as well as the proper design, installation, and maintenance of these systems. PDF 602 KB


Fire and explosion hazards posed by dust collectors located indoors

Placing dust collectors indoors without proper protective measures can result in combustible dust fires and explosions. This WorkSafe Bulletin outlines the hazards and gives employers and supervisors an overview of inadequate protective measures. It also provides a checklist for appropriate selection, installation, and maintenance of dust collectors in the workplace. Finally, the document provides recommendations on where to get help if needed. PDF 639 KB.